The brand is Guilty Dolls, but as the Founder, I’m unapologetic about what I’ve created.

As I hope the name suggests, my bold, stylish and luxuriously comfortable streetwear collections are feminine… but there’s an edge. Striking colours, bold patterns and strong lines underpin every single piece in my brand – and aim to empower each and every one of the girls and women who wear them.

I can’t claim a background in design or having an ‘in’ into the fashion industry. Everything I’ve done with my brand comes from being entirely self-taught, self-funded, and based on my own self-belief. I love my brand, and that means loving and immersing myself into every single fibre of its fabric. Literally.

The inspiration for everything at Guilty Dolls will always come from the iconic female figures who have made an impact on me throughout the different stages of my life; from being the little girl who took zero interest in Barbies, to the popstar with a record deal who ended up writing songs for other artists, to the woman who found herself suddenly single and raising three kids.

My ‘Immaculate’ collection’? You can guess who inspired that one. I love Madonna and everything she is (and was) as an innovator of style as well as music.

My ‘Addicted’ range pays homage to yet another strong, fearless and feminine icon who believed in the power of her own identity; simply the best, Tina Turner. I’ve even sent her one of my pieces. If she wears it, I’ll forgive her for not picking up the song I wrote for her 15 years ago…

What started as an idea for a fashion line became so much more. It became an investment. An investment into myself.I want everyone who chooses Guilty Dolls to make an investment into themselves, and that investment is to be bold, be strong and be noticed.

I want the women and girls who wear my designs to offer no apology for who they are and what they do.

Through the creation of Guilty Dolls, I’ve found my identity. And why should anyone apologise for that?

Beverley Clarke
Brand Founder / Fashion Designer / Female Ambassador